2000 BC

The story of its building is that in 2000 BC Hercules, the mythologic Greek hero, set tour from Africa in ix boats. During the voyage, one of the ships is gone to a gust by the Catalan seashore. Searching for the 9th boat, Hercules and his men sooner or later brainstorm it, abandoned on a new land, encircled by a splendiferous elevation. The men survived, and so stricken by the allure of the place, titled it Barca Nona, 'Ninth Ship'.

First Century BC

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Towards the end of the prototypic century BC, the Romans planted a municipality named Barcino about what was past titled the Taber mountaintop. The Romans utilised the very sore as their governmental and body bed as they do today; Plaza Sant Jaume.However, the Romans showed lesser go in what is now the wealth of Catalunya. Instead they adjusted on Barcelona's neighbor, Tarragona.

The Romans fencelike the urban near looming walls, which inactive remain amazingly markedly evident present. Excellent examples can be found in the Plaza del Rei and the Plaza Ramon Berenguer.

Early 5th century

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The Visigoths (Western Goths; one of the crucial branches of the Goths, an east Germanic tribe) conquered Barcelona in the impulsive 5th period. Barcino, as Barcelona was known so long-dated ago, was an significant center of the Visigoth kingdom, attributed to its insurmountably protecting walls. So highly far-reaching was Barcino that it was made the superior of the kingdom, after it's predecessor, Toulouse in France.


The Muslim inhabitants of Al-Andulus, the Moors, arrived to the Iberian dry land in 711. Under the directive of 'Taric el Tuerto' (Taric the eyed), they reigned completed furthermost of Spain, conquering the Visigoths. Tarragona, in 717 was invaded and for the most part wrecked. When the Moors entered Barcelona after such injure caused to Tarragona, they met near trifling rubbing. The period of the Moors lasted smaller amount than a period of time.When in...


...Louis the Pious, beneath Charlesmagne, conquered the city, and Barcelona roughshod low Frankish regulate. From 878 to 897, Guifré el Pelós, Catalan for Wilfred the Hairy, was the compute of Barcelona, Girona and Besalu.

11th Century

In the 11th century, Barcelona invaded Cordoba, which ended in success for Barcelona, transfer beside it a epoch-making increase of success and reduction. The built-up developed hurriedly. At this time, other Catalan counties united, beside Barcelona as their wealth.

During the 12th Century...

...Barcelona prospered. The past count, Ramon Berenguer IV married the daughter of the King of Aragon, Petronila of Aragon, amalgamation the two territories. This brought great escalate of semipolitical and economical force. Upon the alteration of Petronilas father, Berenguer became King of Aragon.Helped by transaction from the Mediterranean sea and tariffs collected from the 'Moorish Taifa Kingdom', Barcelona's defeat increased to reckon Valencia, the Balearic islands, Sicily and Sardinia.

In this period, two new sections of the municipality partition were built. One to embrace annexed towns, the opposite to count an cultivation state which is now illustrious as the Raval.
The borough flourished and grew, attracting merchants from circa the international. Guilds were formed, intensive in contrary areas nigh on the cities governmental center, Plaza Sant Jaume. Street calumny static imitate these guilds which existed so lengthy ago, e.g. Flassaders (blanket makers) or Sombrerers (hat makers).

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