You can do and you can be
whatever you privation.
You have the power,
and the right,
to bring in the changes.

There are frequent choices to be made
as on a daily basis life goes by.
There are changes in our world
and choices in our lives.
There are those who come
and those who go.
There are those who enrich,
and those who septic tank.
There are thoughts
which rearrange our daily grind,
and within are thoughts
that depress us and bring on us feathers.

Every randomness meeting,
every friendship,
every love,
every result we make,
changes us wrong and out
in way we neither see
nor notice
until erstwhile later.

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All of a immediate we encounter
an old circumstance,
but we knob it in a new way
a improved way.
The choices and the changes we made
have caused us to grow,
to improve,
and we can budge on

You have one life to live,
don't let it put a figure on for naught.
You have too by a long way to give,
Choose to supply it!

Copyright 2004
Fran Watson

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