Simon Cowell of American Idol is a Libra. What makes him "the man we fondness to hate"? Aren't Librans pleasers and diplomats?

I've seen whichever articles enigmatical complete this development - a indicate Libran - when genuinely it's no puzzle at all. I chew over what seems incomprehensible is his Sun in Libra, the guide generally reasoned to be negotiation. This just goes to prove how tiny hurry the Sun can have for overall drawing running. It is what we set sights on to, not necessarily what we are. It as well points out some misunderstandings around Libra.


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Libra is privileged delineated as the cast-iron fist in the smooth glove. Personally I give attention to of Otto von Bismarck (Jupiter in Libra). Henry Kissinger was different Libran (Moon/Saturn conjunct in Libra) with a sarcastic and blistering clapper. 'Twas he who aforesaid the infighting in academia was utmost bitter because the gamble were so miniscule. Ouch. Gandhi is other instance of an iron-fisted Libran Sun next to Scorpio Rising.

Here are whatsoever of the areas of seasoning in Simon's illustration which accentuate his self-image ... the man we respect to hate!

SATURN IN CAPRICORN - Darth and Unredeeming Vader 

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Simon has Saturn in Capricorn so he is enormously faultfinding. He is both bit as judgmental of himself as he is of others. He thinks one and all holds themselves to the one and the same idiotically swollen Capricorn standards that he does. He's absent the extraordinary global of fun, spontaneity and artistic quality. You frequently see this exceptionally stern air on his face when he is not flashing that beautiful Libran facial gesture.

MOON CONJUNCT SATURN - Ubercritical Internalized Parent

Simon has Moon conjunct Saturn. His parents were belike nonindulgent and unforgiving, deciding him as officiously as he now book of judges others. This can tender a fictitious appearance of rule and rule. I reflect on this players of Simon annoys all of us who are intended and chargeable but the level of botheration will be relative to how big you buy into the undivided Authority Figure thang. For quite a lot of who are programmed to service their parents simply because they are parents (the Curse of the Fourth Commandment), Simon's speech will be old and assuring. Yikes.

VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO IN VIRGO - Venomous and Compulsive Muse

 A thoroughly serious cause is that Simon has Venus conjunct Pluto in the nitpicky reproachful indication of Virgo. With this union he is obsessionally critical, LOVES existence hypercritical and caustically his carping observations are unremarkably precise, true and transformational. Many lives have been denatured by Simon's comments, we would all hold.

JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS - Self Appointed Know-It-All

Simon's Jupiter is in the truth describing prophecy of Sagittarius. Simon can be so presumptuous. Well, he feels qualified to notify the impartiality as if it were his incredibly own perquisite.

SOUTH NODE IN ARIES - Think William Shatner cum Denny Crane

Last but no problem not least, Simon's South Moon Node is in Aries reflective lifetimes of self declaration so powerful, comprehensive and eminent that golf stroke himself out in that is 2nd outlook to him. This includes someone extremely plain spoken as it is the charged contrary warning sign to his Libra Sun. Did you of all time wonderment how Simon had the bottle to set himself up as judge and jury concluded the imaginative lives of people on two continents? He ne'er did. Self doubtfulness is not a qualities trait of cause beside South Moon Node in Aries nor is same consideration.

One thing we can be confident of even without the beginning time ... Simon himself ne'er questions his assertions or his official document to present them. He is supremely self-assured that his remarks are "the" lawfulness.

Simon's unputdownable beingness too gives a severe mock-up for thos experiencing trouble in the Saturn Return, the surveyor's instrument each one experiences between 28 and 30.

You're virtually xxx and your cooperatively premeditated existence is in shambles! How could this occur to cause like you? It's your Saturn Return. Actually that's conscionable what happened to Simon Cowell. His duration crashed.

Life flaming at 28-30 years old is an indication that the time you've been leading, all the same all right manicured, on the other hand cozy, harmonious to your parents or on the exterior "perfect", is not your authentic natural life. It mightiness now be that you have in truth been "living a lie".

Your energy is falling apart to let you to reconstruct on more than trusty lines. Read on .....

Here's what happened to Simon Cowell during his Saturn Return.

The man you admire to revulsion lately made these explanation to Stacy Perlman of

Perlman: What function has breakdown vie in you[r] career? For instance, your sign Fanfare Records went under in 1989, and your authenticity spectacle Cupid was canceled in 2003.

Cowell: When I was 30 the company that owned Fanfare went bust, and I effectively missing everything [emphasis hole in the ground]. I had to alter in near my parents.

[Here's the best intriguing member as he goes on to say] In hindsight, it was the most advantageous situation that happened in my existence because I scholarly the appeal of money: not to acquire legal tender and not to on stage past my effectuation. And I erudite that feat here is much fun than self at hand. But one point that I have ever been able to do is to own up to mistakes and not culpability others.

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